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14 September 2010 @ 06:57 am
Conversations with myself soothe me.  
in the morning I think about
and I wonder if facebook will be around in 20 years
myspace is alive after 10
but I wonder
about my connections

Am I to be blamed for not being able to let go when I can’t bear to see the faces of my exes with their new lovers?

What I’ll tell her I’ve been up to this past year
Making mistakes with boys and girls
But living and learning from them

and a voice tells me
in the bigger Oneness of it all
connections, losing people, seeing them with new lovers
it doesn’t matter
we’re all loved and love each other at one point
it will be alright
when you’re ready
you’ll move on

you’re gonna reject people too, Rafaella.
Remember why your relationships with these ex lovers ended?
It all worked out for the BETTER and best anyways
And you were being true to yourself too.
So move on.
And don’t get lost in the past.
Think about you and how you’re able to give and receive love
In a wiser, much more mature way. And you’re able to say no.
And you’ll figure out what you truly want. Love who you truly are. To be able to attract what you really need right now.
It will happen. Because it already is happening.
This is for the best for you. And dream that real dream all the time
And feel it. Feel truly loved already. Feel whole completely.
You’ll manifest it in reality. It’s already happening, my love.
Come out strong. Move on from your exes. That was the point of this whole last few months. To finally confront them and resolve them and move on.
Because you are becoming ready to be in a new relationship again.
You know when.